Blogging, Art and Therapy

Actually and besides, I have always been the blogger that I am now; the narrative threads that I create here in free thinking, loving, acting are patterns and networks that are up to 40 years old; they are more than simple associations and memories, stories or fantasies.

Again and again, the attempt to transport all this into the conventional, into the book and bullshit business, into the trance of ants and bees, shines in me, but something in me reliably blocks and refuses to cooperate from

Natural authenticity

, out of an undeniable stubbornness.

But I like the friction that has been created over the last few years between projects like the Hutmacherei, Testdrive Unlimited or Graz am Meer and, last but not least, here, in this expression, this determination of identity, this colorful little I am I of all parallel earths.

I think what comes out of this side effect and constant inner and outer struggle is more than okay.

And I feel like I'm blogging even more, even the books that write themselves, the desire to find literary recognition is no longer enough to satisfy this urge to blog, to write, to design.

I feel that the current lack of experience at Urban Monk is a hindrance, but a lot of things are emerging that would otherwise have been lost, too pale for the party. It's another performance, almost without an audience, an improvisational theater rehearsal, I repeat myself, but always different.

Blogging lets me breathe more deeply than any other word art form, I can see of course that there are hardly any competitors on this level, I have been dancing on the net since 1996/98, it is as if at some point I was run over by a train of conformity and commercialization roaring behind me and ultimately over me, fucked by affiliate links and left behind by perfected Google Ads niche sites, with questions of quality, survival instinct and meaningfulness.

Like in the good old days of eBay, before everything was castrated, destroyed and conquered by the greedy, slimy, successful elbow-men. Until private auctions developed into a drama and a loss-making business, and people had to flee to a place of originality, which was immediately taken over again by the caravan of greed.

I was always active and in love before the masses came along. Digital nomads, for example, are just a copy of what they could be, but in contentment with the stupidity of taking as much money as possible out of other people's pockets as easily as possible, while feeling privileged and smarter, narrow-minded in the Apple uniformity in the uniform look yoga class, I think here too the romance of what a few authentic people dared to dream of before is dead.

And to paraphrase Leary’s ever-applicable line:

If a man is an idiot before he sets out on a journey, he will come back an idiot.

Maintaining one's individuality and humanity while still being able to achieve one's goals and desires is becoming more difficult day by day, year by year, even if the self-optimization network industry of coaches and speakers tries to convince us of the opposite.

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