Effective altruism

For me, there is hardly any need for any more doubting, and even less so in Covid 19/Putin's War Times. It is simply an obvious, logical train of thought. Both crises mark geopolitical and thought-provoking turning points. Illumination and emphasis, thick, bold, fucking necessary. 

Applied flexible context-dependent action beyond life-sustaining


is needed like never before. Everyone in this connect, whoever is listening to me today, who is smiling now, could be a potential change maker, a free and decoupled living global citizen. A small, supportive unit, community, tribe, whatever.

Despite the reservations about filter bubbles that have been argued in detail, it is actually quite effective and altruistic to create a feel-good bubble of community, as always argued, because the more satisfied you are with your everyday situation, the better and more effectively you can start to do what should be done in a positive feedback loop. The problematic point is the point at which you are in danger of becoming a bubble, and you need to chunk past this point to a higher level.

And methods, techniques, ways to establish or reorganize companies, states, laws, organizations and mindsets that are committed to positive, effective altruism at all levels and strive to always achieve the most intelligent and efficient improvement possible for the well-being of the planet and its diverse inhabitants. 

In this sense, there should be no romantic or moral subcategories of what is more important and right. Getting there may sometimes require compromise, but we should have the big goal in mind, both financially and in the long term, and act based on the values of the bigger picture. 

To completely distance oneself from the current paradigm and the word work, which also cannot meet any positive change criteria. It is too loaded a word, a hijacked one. We can only guess what this language and its interpretive authority tends to make of us. And work is lost. Hobby is unspeakably strange. Leisure time is a betrayal reminiscent of slavery. The end of the brainwashing. Soon.

So for the modern changemaker, despite being far removed from punk or hippie culture, it is important to focus on early on through

Passive Income

to build an independently organized, minimalist, effective life for yourself. The crowning glory of which could be found in effective altruism and social entrepreneurship. Despite all the spectacle, it is still important to always whisper that you should never eat as hot as proverbs can handle. And don't avoid any handshake interruptions. Enjoy them all, trickling from trance to trance.

Of course, I am going far beyond Wikipedia and founder definitions in general, which will not surprise attentive observers too much. 

The pragmatism underlying this topic and the emotional intelligence that is hopefully also required behind it allows me to feel clearly grounded despite the scope for play.

The successes and development work of this great basic idea to date are important cornerstones as long as they form a map without fencing it in. The most difficult balancing act of all.
But it is amazing what potential and importance this still relatively unknown concept radiates and possesses.

As countless serious warnings suggest, there is a lot that needs to be repaired and optimized and in this current situation there should be no other approach in order to avoid wasting even more time and energy on trivial matters. If you have children, please spare us your nonsense about personal freedom. His grandchildren are screwed if he carries on like this tomorrow morning.

Nobody plants trees during a tsunami.

There is a funny example of all this:

It is absolutely ineffective and inefficient to repeat the hundredth German-language mainstream article on the subject. The unbelievable copying mentality of modern online media is at a level that is hardly distinguishable from private social media nonsense.

Analyses and ideas of completely new open joint activity are useful for all sectors and could usher in a new era of solidarity-based collaboration, culminating in the seductive eroticism of astonishing economic growth. To understand:

My eccentricity claims to prove that collective action across the siloed units of current social structures, with the right hardware, could and probably will lead to a global prosperity for all.

The royal kingdom of numbers and facts. The better collected, the more useful. The obstinacy of the private is an exciting topic. Protection for all or hedonistic egomania? In the course of these observations, many absurdly valid paradigms will have to be undermined in order to re-design the future of the biosphere and of the individual. To reconcile our realities with one another.

Which may be uncomfortable because it is still open to interpretation, but at least it is based on knowledge rather than belief. The only step forward we have. The rest is evolutionary paradigm from the caves.

My Lifestyle and Coach Content

is organized according to this concept throughout. Life in effective altruism and pragmatic minimalism with a little cybernetic simplification and gadget magic. Slow play towards innocence.

One plate is absolutely sufficient for a single household. A second one might be useful, as you can also factor in possible visitors. I don't think that all altruistic "efficiencyists" stick to these principles in their private lives, but I am a free thinker and hatter and Bohemian Wolf and not a pope, although I have what it takes. More so than anything else. BTW: Don't always drown in my literalness, four plates are okay.  

When interacting with the old and still largely dominant values, beliefs and organizations, it is important to ensure that access is as simple and straightforward as possible. The transition of the social and NGO sector to these new paradigms is no easier than in other sectors. 

For example, it is much more efficient and altruistic in the long term for everyone involved if robots or machines take over many of the auxiliary tasks previously carried out in these care areas and the compassion of the people working there is transformed into training for the organization and implementation of further projects. All the volunteer work in this world is so wonderful:

So worrying is the

Waste due to inefficiency

Human Rights For Future signage

This. Increasing the competence and efficiency radius of a carer whose overload has caused a negative feedback loop and his further training in psychological and other well-being that is beneficial to the big picture but also to him and his environment, as well as in scientific and altruistic development aid is something that could be discussed directly. But then the dance stops.

Is the system really flexible enough? Are we not simply continuing to turn the same screws based on the principles of hope and heart?

In Japan, a significant proportion of care is already carried out by machines. Robotics would have created a situation that could also be applied to other modern countries. Or wherever the best-functioning care model can be found. Reluctance to contact and internal resistance from reactionary behavior patterns of progressive forces. Or progressive resistance from reactionary forces. All of this has happened before.

Which brings us to another crucial point: 

Effective altruism does not deal with the contradictions of emotional human character weaknesses unless there are good and meaningful studies, data or opportunities to use them in a positive way, again: feedback loop!!! 

It is also a theft of many capitalist business and optimization-addicted discoveries; it is exactly what it is about, an unbiased assessment of the facts at the highest possible level.

What may seem frightening is far from it. It has long been a scientific mockery of how short-sighted and almost embarrassingly wrong most standard decisions of economic, political and social structures are because they are based on old paradigms and on the famous fallacies of psychological misconduct despite knowing better.

How incredibly easy it would be in this effective altruism for a city like Graz with 300,000 inhabitants, of which perhaps 1,000

homeless people

with living space and the opportunity for a fresh start and reintegration at a medium-term total budget that is many times lower than the current running costs and with a much higher feel-good factor for all those involved.

How easy and probably even profitable this would be if we thought it through on a continental or global scale. Skilled with the spirit of a start-up. Even if that might lead us into out-of-the-box agency adventures. Pilot projects in a wide variety of industries and situations, regions, are important and require better marketing strategies than before.

The concept of effective altruism has been active for over a decade but has not yet reached a critical mass, which of course raises doubts and tends to back the right horse here.

In the current situation, we certainly do not need to tackle such controversial issues as care and homelessness; that would be an inefficient fight against windmills. 

It should serve as an example for us to first and foremost efficiently examine the nature and implementation of our activism or personal social action and consumption. This requires calm honesty that is based on facts and not emotions. Raw data from facts that do not represent truths colored by the respective interests through countless interpretations of the same, but rather oppose them.

These effective altruistic settings are like every puzzle piece from Living Easy to Be the Difference or Money Rules the World, closely interwoven but can still be used individually. There is an inner logic to this: when personal freedoms reach the level of awareness represented and enabled here, effective altruism is a vibration that almost occurs by itself.

In the current

Crisis reality

In this bottleneck that is taking us all into the proof, many of the approaches of the time of change are multiplied by necessity. This makes it all the more worrying how the old concepts are being used everywhere and in all minds, only to prepare for the same crash again. The Groundhog Day curse of society. Here and there.

It's not about do-gooder or egomaniac toxicity. It's about breaking the cycles of failure, letting actions follow the knowledge that has long been available. Not the knowledge that follows actions.

How much easier would our society be able to react if we hadn't relied too much on specialist idiocy. Mastery is not to be confused with the so-called expert blabla that is spread in the media. Nothing against real masters of course.

To understand efficiency as something beyond the financial. It is big data, it is fact-based life. But no more twenty white male studies.

Effective altruism is the deepest meaning of a free life. Willingness to help with thoughtful pragmatism. The most astonishing reorganizations were observed, especially at the height of the pandemic; in many cases, what had always been inhibited suddenly became secondary. There it was, the long-awaited opportunity. From suddenly being able to work from home to canceled exams via Zoom.

Not surprising, but typical of all the inabilities to WANT to escape from our own inner prisons, how quickly and thirstily everything wants to switch back to sugar-fueled money heist mindfuck, and then Putin comes along. He holds up an ugly mirror to everyone. Light and dark are interdependent, my friends.

Inappropriate exploitation of extreme examples is not an option here. The positive resilience of civilization will be upgraded. More efficient and more altruistic as a result of all this strengthening.

How much of a contribution I could make makes me frown. That is precisely why I do not want to be a symptom-treater, whether in coaching or artistic advice, in an active ethical (business) operation in the sense of the strategies presented here, I want to organize the future, demand and help develop postmodern interstellar expanses.

I was also efficient at wasting time, at dreaming, and at the current crossroads there are threatened personalities with or without charm, who are pretty much the same as me. The extroverts are yelling, others are starting to give up with a sigh. Let's tackle the mentality instead of automated total consumerism. The Dolce Vita is fluttering around in the air in such a sweet, sexy way.

It's fun to escape all of this again. I like the white noise, the blueness of this world.

How could I do anything else but protect them? Doesn't that make sense? Beyond myself there is no responsibility other than what I choose, but if I am going to act then please do so with the greatest focus and purpose.


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