Social Media Marketing

has arrived in the middle of society, even if its excesses seem destructive in times of simplified discourse caused by this.

Dead by selfie acrobatics, absurdly stupid challenges or fake news that makes seriousness difficult, only annoying begging influencers to spite them:

Social media in general, from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube to LinkedIn and the many other communities, even much-criticized ones like TikTok, are an innovation and a valuable tool in both private and business life.

At home in the interworlds since the early days of the Internet when IRChats and mailboxes caused huge sums of telephone costs I ground the opportunities for myself as well as my customers and partners, employers to a healthy, stable extent with very differentiated and the respective

Marketing tailored to your needs.

Contrary to some trends

My workflow and expertise is focused on quality rather than quantity, real, memorable content rather than fake copycat clickbait, and long-term success rather than short-term attention.

Sustainable/mindful and successful/efficient do not have to be contradictory. Wisdom and unscientific claims copied from various agency websites or overly enthusiastic specialist books could also try to convince people in NLP speech.

However, I think the direct, new and most promising path is the one that follows the trends of the future today and these will not lie in further overhelm and loud-mouthed vying for attention, which already seems to have been exhausted.

How loud can it be? Where is there room on the sun deck, no matter how hard you push your way up?

I also experiment with lesser-known tools and strategies, cross media, black hat, unexpected, trendy.

In practice, pastel colors are local, but also planetary global and next generation fit, building trust in long-term investments, not mainstream, because one would not have the creativity for more, not because it is possible-manipulative, the method of choice.

Sincere, solution-oriented, taking people along with you instead of manipulating yourself and them. Everyone claims to do this, but what is usually put into practice is a different, short-term perspective.

My approach to social networks is a pragmatic one with a willingness to take risks and to rely on unvarnished facts.

The advertising and public relations industry is often the best at selling itself, in this paradox I must point out that a lot of what glitters is not gold.

Social media is typical of mostly start-up culture. But promises are rarely kept. Like start-ups, current training promotes narcissistic illusions with a similarly high failure rate. Always observe behind the fine facade.

We know this from the academies and institutes, which are little more than a backyard or a mailbox with call forwarding at an office service in Hong Kong.

It's a farce how much is still charged for web hosting in the German-speaking world. For MB of space in a terabyte world.

IT and net business is a futuristic paradise BUT also Janus-faced hypocrisy and, not for nothing, in every respect the spawn of the neoliberal megalomania of the last twenty to thirty years.

Inflated like the share prices of Google and Co. The joke of Bitcoin's rise in price compared to Argentina's electricity consumption. Because Elon Musk lets out a burp.

This digital illusion needs something even more urgently than user data:

Your real money for little performance and even less sustainability. You are making a serious effort to finance the gold chains of Russian hackers.

Jaron Lanier now works for Microsoft and is rightly ridiculed and forgotten. If you don't know him, you will soon forget him.

Globally Connected Emotions and Information

has been degraded to the same old conformity of technical colleges, and without the promotion of character and personal style, it is a misdevelopment in business administration. You can also see it in modern journalism, where the eternal intern level is the standard, as well as in the more of the same facades of the hyped Web 4.0 company templates.

In the armies of tomorrow, they will be replaceable speakers who must be listened to. At conventions that must be attended, at unbelievably inflated prices. And of course in the social media shames of all hit lists and like records. Not National Geographic or Miele. Many at the top became this and remain this way for a reason; they do their homework and do not submit to superficial haste.

What is sad about this analysis for me is that I even have to mention all this. The generation after me had everything served to them on a silver platter.

The result is called Uber and Mjam and exploits itself more than the old school players and will be at the forefront of replacing drivers with drones.

Real (corporate) identity and social integrity can hardly be achieved by people who do not yet have a real identity themselves or who have not been able to develop one at all due to their age and mediocrity of their career.

I also recommend a more intimate approach that extends as deeply as possible into the company.

This does not exclude standard campaigns based on fictitious textbooks and masterclass videos on LinkedIn, but this approach is very costly because everyone follows suit and questionable success control is no substitute for a multi-year social media concept.

But even here the chaff is active: a multi-year concept in an industry that is as fluid as David Bowie!!!

As another example, Google Adwords/Adsense is certainly useful for some advertisers, as is the associated SEO and SEM, but that

The winner takes it all- principle

is just as real and prevents access to big success except for very regional and personal niches. These can't be found in the nonsense of growth hacking and all the other newly invented service labels, created to make oneself important instead of offering convincing, scientifically based statistics.

Be skeptical of the reflection-free disciples of modernity. I love modernity, but also reflection.

Your organic honey costs four times as much for half the content. Blog readers know who I mean. My favorite quirkie.

It is a known phenomenon with not too detailed Google accounts and without Ad Blocker:

When these advertising banners accompany you like annoying insects for a product you have recently looked at, in the strange hope that a reasonably educated and functional adult would therefore buy more and more quickly the Möbelix couch or the overpriced Sinnlos Course, which is viewed as curiosity and sadly laughed at.

It becomes particularly absurd when you have already bought a similar, better product offline. Like many people, I like to get information online but ultimately make my decision based on tactile or visual factors, but am still followed by the greedy concept of “take me, buy me”.

And we're talking about Google, which is still by far the best online advertising network. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads can be seen as the only sensible alternative with exciting options for defining target groups and achieving positive effects.

Realize why everything flows to Google and FB. Because they are the best in a senseless concept, as hard as it is to admit it. And they feed off the echo of their successes. Amazon, for example, is pure service, hardly anyone makes such an effort for customers. But that is the real tragedy, dear retail.

The fact that Amazon has better quality of service and performance is not due to its size, but to the attitude and the partly dubious but smart ethics behind it.

Copy their advantages, be faster, cheaper, fairer. That's the only way.

The advertising industry beyond the Valley giants now lives only from the good old days when it may have been really effective. But nothing is more wasteful than these fake success stories.

It is a mystery why so many managers and directors fall for this trick, even though they themselves understand it very well on other levels. When it comes to advertising, thinking stops.

If every one of these pointless ads and the energy/money spent on them were redirected, perhaps for donations and/or other positive internal ideas, we would all feel a few percent better.

SEO as another big topic makes sense, of course, but keeping up with the masters as long as there is no curation and quality comment guards is horrific work and requires questionable effort.

Press releases are much more effective, unless they fizzle out again in the off-the-shelf concept of the unimaginative wannabe TedXers.

Even more so when they are sent by pretty girls. Sad but true. But nowadays the problem is the combination, quality and style. So rare and highly paid that we don't even know what it feels like anymore.

Authentic rough fellows and scarred freckles of Mérida, how we crave these brief errors in the system. To cover them up and adjust them as quickly as possible. In business and in private, we live according to feelings and pressure to be a Photoshop version of ourselves.

Food blogger? Yes, twenty German-speaking people, maybe a thousand worldwide, can make a living from it, the rest is an illusion. And they're just running after one another. The international sports market is a warning example of how narrow the podium is if you don't consistently avoid it and start to broaden access.

The various ideas of this blog and related projects such as Sharecare or Content Recycling can also be used in a variety of exciting ways in social media marketing and offline advertising. With cost savings, long-term effects and new perspectives for sustainable construction.

But it is actually the first duty to protect a customer, a prospective customer, from what is being shown to them. For example, founding a new platform is often surreal, time and money-wasting Don Quixote behavior, for example many Austrian e-commerce projects are mentioned in the Corona crisis, first you miss sustainable developments, then you want to disempower perhaps unsympathetic but successful and, from their perspective, sustainably built players in the short term and excessively. And it is so embarrassing in its implementation that I almost start to cry.

Only the traditional agencies benefit from this with their overpriced offers that are perceived as having no alternative.

Outsourcing important topics, and social media is important, sometimes makes sense. But if you outsource, you should do it financially intelligently to Indian or Philippine agencies, which cost a fifth of the cost of the Central European wellness experts. As is done in other areas. What happens to small and medium-sized businesses? Why do they let pseudo-regionalism take their money?

Anyone who applies this analysis to the coaching and consulting/self-optimization market is a rogue.

Maybe a fool like me

It is necessary to defy the money-wasting complacency of the above-mentioned industries in order to push an instrument of political redistribution in emerging and developing countries.

In a city like Manila alone, in one district, there is more competence and creativity to be booked and used than in the whole of Austria. And again, of course, both are usually necessary and useful; the aim of my text is a provocative change of perspective. Locally global.

But let's move away from game theory and the supposed benefits of teamwork. Observe the inefficiency of groups, examine all the conferences and meetings, the revision army. Focused and defined tasks with room for innovation and a certain amount of patience and tolerance towards the result may not be standardized in the certification madness, but it is now on the table as a suggestion and a punch in the face.

Let’s move away from Zoom chatter in favor of real work hours.

The ideal situation would be to integrate responsibility for all of this deep within the company, to create highly effective positions, to allow creative and innovative processes without the usual bullshit channels, or to let the externally commissioned person/agency work for themselves without the briefing and frames that are intended to prevent anything useful from happening. Simply press the stop button on the usual, even if it mercilessly disrupts what is familiar.

In most cases, at least twice the success is possible with half the resources used if the motivation to resist a dictatorship that contributes to the global downward spiral is not sufficient.

I also always advise that it is more useful to do business with the drive of the various big players within Amazon, Facebook, eBay and the like and then begin to redirect this in a clever way. The same principle applies to social marketing. An intelligent comment on Donald Trump's Twitter account once brought you more followers than any sophisticated, shamelessly expensive posting strategy from the standard agency handbook.

Much more is done via tags than your horde of dead files, which are certainly booked at high prices, but are often still dead. Expensive dead files, someone has to finance the Macs that nobody needs for the Bobo Agency feel-good temple.

Influencers' rates are of course lols tailored to their inflated egos. It is a corporate disgrace to support this waste of budget.

Selling dreams is the industry’s business, but why do we always see the same successful players?

The first person to be affected by the art of whitewashing is the agency’s client itself.

Your undoubted sales skills and fake the reality skills are the first thing you use with the prospective buyer. Building trust is lesson one. If you're in the trap, blabla is enough, embellished and highly serious. I promise.

But it is sad and true: newcomers need something extraordinary or quite simply and banally luck. This can only be forced at best, how many people want to be like Thomas Muster and why is Thiem the only one on this path?

And why was this always apparent if you just analyzed a little deeper?

You could also compare this to a drag queen contest: hundreds of fantastically styled queens, each one unique and trying to be special. A great evening full of performance and hope and desire for attention. But what is left of it, really in memories, when the lights go out?

One or two may be as good and unforgettable, one or two more have just elbowed their way to the front. The hundreds who have tried just as hard remain out of the spotlight until the next party full of illusion. Next time everything will be different, I promise.

Or a simple search on Covid 19 masks shows very clearly what and who appears on the first 2 or 3 Google pages, actively advertising and passively SEO optimized. And even this number of hits is already very generous. All the others have invested far too much effort for too little success. Even on pages 10, 20 and 30 there are respectable and honorable companies, and orders are placed at

In summary, social media, like basically any marketing, is as exciting as possible, a continuous tool with high potential, but sometimes used incorrectly and affected by the general wasteful use of (company) resources.

The exciting, if not fully thought-out, Pareto principle is also omnipresent in marketing budgets and content/human resources. 10, 20, 30 percent create the effect that the other 70-90 percent largely lack.

You think about a solution for 10 hours but you find it in a few minutes. We know about these phenomena but rarely act on them in our private and business lives.

If all the promises of opportunities and potential were correct, it would be a real win-win. But the eye of the needle does not allow fulfillment; it is based on the longing for it. And also the temptation to fulfill this longing.

So success and revenue continue to be concentrated in the bank accounts and market power of Google, Facebook and a few other players. It's the same everywhere. Few celebrate, most struggle. Why I have to teach this to entrepreneurs and managers is fascinating and a cause for concern.

Even highly endowed funds or investors are largely on a final journey that is hurtling towards a wall. You don't even have to understand Piketty to see this, you just have to have read him.

The rest fight over the crumbs.

The fastest, most skillful and/or bravest pigeon

Of course, being a person is still appealing when you have crumbs of gold. But you are mistaken if you think it can continue like this. Climate change is a term that we should start to take seriously in other sectors too. The created world also has a mental problem, its condition is the result of this thoughtless mindset with dubious morals.

But you should also read historical stories in advance, from the tulip bubble to the Yukon gold rush, which was largely a loss-making business for the latecomers.
That's why I work with the most current and promising approaches, not automatically, but with the most successful ones at the moment. I know all the important mindsets, but implementing them into your personal style is by no means easy and has neither a standard approach nor a guarantee of success. Sorry to say.


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