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The freedom of the copywriter, the kindergarten of ideas, the eternally restless pitchmaker, is spiced up with a little responsibility and structure towards potential customers through a first campaign.

Potential partners, collaborations, sometimes simply intelligent synergistic connections. I don't separate supply from demand, my flexibility is my trump card.

Here you will not be bored or disregarded with promises or fake solutions, with marketing talk and Salesforce logic. Everything is geared towards business partnership and


And that's why there are no price lists here, nor a text block that has been repeated for the umpteenth time - no one wants to know how many times - from the content banality of the Internet, which got stuck somewhere between Web 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0.

I do and offer the same things that I talk about, but I want to rethink a lot of things and congruence is more important to me than becoming an interchangeable developer, designer, writer, or consultant.

Therefore, neither social media marketing, word press development, change consulting, multimedia production or artwork can be clearly divided into categories. In fact, I focus on other individual companies or small to medium-sized businesses whose needs are usually greater than their financial means.

But there is often a lot of wasted potential or a structure that is too rigid that blocks and/or slows down positive developments. But if Coca Cola gets in touch, I would have a lot to tell them 🙂

When I criticize something, I am in the same breath already looking for a better solution, be it a more efficient approach or often simply abandoning outdated concepts and ways of thinking.

Conversely, however, I do not need or require a postmodern illusion. I am a futurist and a transhumanist, but I do not view and act in a conformist manner and without being tied to a system or a fixed school of thought. And sandcastles and soap bubbles and their beliefs are victims of my spray gun.

I work and love as freely as possible and would like to contribute my skills and values to any industry and structure, both within and outside of the current social model.

In the article on social media management or journalism, but in every part of my reflection, my presentation, here and on other blogs and sites of the network, I interact without a net, double bottom or malice, I am inspired and full of passion. My efforts are very similar to the long-watered down meaning of


I am full of joy to be part of the present in which all the crises point me in the direction of contact with new horizons. I often feel planetary if not even subterranean but that is precisely why I love to research answers to questions, wishes or problems in as close an exchange and direct a connection as possible with my clients.

Even though I recommend video meetings and home and remote standard mechanisms should be the new standard of entrepreneurial action, the almost therapeutic walk in the forest is a classic intervention. I take the time it takes to fulfill wishes.

Beyond my own skills, there are experts and connects all over the world who are connected to me, but usually a profound knowledge of how to go outside the box is enough to achieve results within the box.

I don't want to guarantee it, but in most cases I can offer the best price for briefings and orders of all kinds. I don't have any overpriced agency equipment, and if I do work, I work with hungry, wild, joyful companions in my own collab models. My minimalism is not fake and I can certainly do decadence and dolce vita, but that's another story and is far too disguised as a business necessity.

My fixed costs are practically without this hedonism failure of entire generations, so I still don't sell myself short, many are simply massively overpriced illusions and greed.

The only reason why you shouldn't book me is if you just want to keep doing things the same old thing.

Be careful too, I'm famous for marking up unnecessary things. As much as I want to be so expansive for myself, many people won't be used to having the point shown to them so clearly, although in private coaching as in business everything comes down to timing and respect despite total openness.

I am a shapeshifter, a clown, the tenth non-binary in the column, even if I disagree with Taleb on many things, the concept of the Black Swan as well as his later mindfucks about risks are breathtaking and have influenced me deeply.

Kahneman is another ally, but of course there are also many more unusual heroes and heroines in my CV. Graeber has been an important part of my personality since before Bullshit Jobs.

I absorbed the Anglo-American mindset like a sponge when I was younger, but in the DACH region it continues to be both a useful unique selling point and a biting parody. A society in which Precht is considered a philosopher and Orlando Owen a coach, in which Contao or something even worse is used as a CMS, is a demanding task.

I think that it is sensible for me to mostly speak German and to start a new business here in the last few months, because I am more deeply rooted than I sometimes admit. On the other hand, in the long term I would love to work more in developing countries to ensure that many of the historical and current mistakes of our western civilization are not repeated, but rather help to skip development stages as much as possible.

Transformation policy

Oh yes, there is also the butterfly effect, I am also a very good data analyst and researcher, and one thing is clear to me above all: for almost every problem that people and organizations are grappling with, a usable or even great solution has been found in this metadimensional world of diversity, sometimes you just have to adapt this solution a little, but in any case it is an inspiring starting point for your own change.

On the other hand, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a sure sign of insanity.

It is a constant concern of mine to reconcile the two most valuable achievements of civilization, the local commons, with globalism, and all of that in turn with the planet, with the eco-social being of the Earth.

But don't worry, I'm neither green, nor blue, nor pink, red, nor black, I'm transparent and shimmering, inconspicuous and omnipresent. I don't need a costume, but I like to get into the flow with the person I'm talking to, to really put myself in their world.

Consulting a company can mean spending a few weeks working internally and anonymously in various positions in order to be able to provide truly competent advice and support.

How can you manage an artist's social media channels if you don't share a piece of their life? All of this and my sensual totality of self-productivity, plus my need to be a sloppy genius and a relaxed personality, flirting on various beaches, all of this makes me a bookable but rare commodity.

I love the challenge and I need this reflection and interaction beyond my own horizons. So welcome, curly-haired, I am always open to contact and bold offers, funny entertainment or crazy visions.

I can also subordinate myself, don't worry, but the fewer limits you set for me, the more useful my commitment will be.

You don't talk about money, you have it

is an old saying. Sometimes someone gives you a Rolex, which you can at least sell to enable those who need it more to live for a year.

As an old travel & work fan, sometimes a couch and dinner are enough for me.

I prefer long-term cooperation; many of my ideas need time to mature.

I have liked business ever since I mastered the DKT board, there is a lot more to be said about it than just telling someone who has just clicked on an ad not to lose it straight away.

Interested both offline and online. By the way, I'm not a speaker but education is a story in itself, lectures? I'd like to look into it, I haven't had any ambition to do so yet.

It's a gigantic thing, stocks and every form of trading, for example, all the grumbling about our capitalist world is real, but there are points of contact that I wouldn't want to miss even in a fairer tomorrow. But that won't be all that relevant for practical tasks between web development, e-commerce or better HR.

I usually spend much longer at X than planned. Never pay me hourly rates!!

I'm a day bitch.


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