Value of Freedom

This contribution has been in limbo for many months now, its first breaths occurring in the height of the pandemic and its lockdowns, but also in the restrictions of partially privatized caution that began to establish themselves in between them.

Somewhat maltreated by the foolishness of the Covidiots, in whose mirror a deeper recognition and naming of our hard-fought and worked for, but of course also stolen reality, despite all criticism and doubt, order and security, to appreciate more and above all to promote and defend more.

Where Covid (now secretly ignored because bizarre) deciphers inadequacies and banana republic maneuvers, where everything tumbles as if the end times were announced, the thumbscrews of the gloom of Braintrust and Ethical Dwarfing have flipped to a new level in the last few weeks.

The next long-awaited surprise for the slowworm that is Western civilization. The chicken coop of the neglected by prosperity.

Everything is designed like a sequel by very talented scriptwriters, the show from the Blue Planet, which has always been the best form of entertainment in extraterrestrial broadcasting, reaches a new level of storytelling, you can be sure that the ratings of the Alienbunnygod will explode out there behind the Kuiper.

But more or less at other places of illumination, depending on the need


I want to tell you about Anna, about singed flesh, about Austrian slime trails and even more about the feeling that nothing can ever be taken for granted in a world where we allow what we allow, and where Covid, like Putin's, was just the tip of the iceberg of disgusting weakness of character and deceitful greed.

And when you rub the dismay from your eyes, when you see Home Sapiens standing naked before you, this allergy of the planet, then you can define shocking balance sheets, but once again you have to postpone consequences, live and love with that which defines the present point.

I mean, just imagine, first of all, that we were still governed locally by Kurz and Strache, that Kickl had something to say, then the disgusting petting orgy of the red Heinzi gets lost in the bycatch as the twink of a mass murderer, and you have to bow to the cheerfulness that we are just a bunch of useless remnants of international importance, with a beautiful capital city - if everything there isn't blocked by the vaginal thrush Rutter and his ilk.

That is unfortunately undiplomatic for this mainstream and portfolio appearance, but that is also necessary. It is time to choose between decency and being a pighead, between wriggling through and walking upright.

I started this some time ago and was very successful but also paid for it with sheer loneliness.

If you just use a little scale, and really only half of your egg…


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