Transforming one's own inadequacies into strengths is the applied art of living. Let us therefore spread silent cloaks and sweep elsewhere, let my carpet store be Genghis Khan's yurt.

The distractibility of a young kitten turns into shapeshifting and Da Vinci-ism, which is indicated by the lines and thousand sentences, what has been lived queerly for decades finds its end and beginning in the conception and diversity of my projects and plans. And here, and not without mischief and joy, in a self-replicating blog network of almost artificial intelligence.


In a less puffy way, I am trying to bring something that began a few years ago as a necessity and a way of reconciling art activism and writing therapy to a sensible yet courageous grounding.

I was surprised myself at the extent and desire to include the inner drive of this and that, as I only wanted to combine my old dreams of writing and consulting with my longing for social exchange and engagement.

But the fireworks of ideas, the backlog, is not completely over even today and, somewhat mitigated by the pandemic but still with a subtle storm and stress, new, exciting, absurd and meaningful things are tumbling into my personality and life situation, which has long been overwhelmed by itself.

Not every piece of advice from internal or external coaches is appropriate or sensible. The standard is of course the famous step by step. I don't do anything else, but the big picture that I have in mind is not a three-month injection junk, it is not a garden shed in the allotment of the imagination.

There is no room for reduction here, but the excessiveness is regional as in the German, European trend towards the assumed middle, in the pursuit of balance, emotionally suspect, and is found far more in Anglo-American or Asian societies.

Basically, I am suffering again, as I did many years ago in my youth; the repressive, pleasant break, the picnic of family, provincial retreat and banal distraction, has completely blown away in the fractures of the last decade.

In these dualities of Nietzschean development, life washes me into a world(s) that rubs against tipping points and overflows manically. Everything is in a bizarre frenzy and I reach the middle of my ideal life in delightfully strange times. Nevertheless, attempts are made to find personal and social happiness in the chaos. I don't want to lose myself in philosophy, we already have a Precht. Unfortunately, this gap in the market is occupied in Germany.

But the themes and the melody are a contemporary psychonautic rebound in my own personal style.

Long introduction even longer meaning

I strive to have a positive impact on the world, to be a change maker. To do this, I use a variety of ideas and concepts, mostly with artistic and/or psychological ambiguity. Decorated with a nerdy, success-seeking political futurism.

In this main blog, which strives for personal grounding, in which I socialize, venture out of the isolation of the urban monk into the broad mainstream of active existence, join in discussions and imitate, I try to offer a tolerable cross-section and overview. Neither to exaggerate nor to conceal my own story, my depths and experiences, my nice, unstable IQ or QQ fails.

Nevertheless, I focus on the motivation and energy that comes from the ambition and vision of the Dionysian desire not to limit oneself or to allow oneself to be limited.

All the criticism and the anger that often comes with it are part of my personality. They should be reflected upon but not taken too personally. As an undetected autistic person, I have been a bit out of touch with myself and things my whole life. Treating myself led me to believe that, with a little support, this should be a very charming and modern neurodiversity-promoting basic.

But I accept and love the smaller, important habits and all the efforts of people everywhere, I judge, I condemn, but I am also honest enough to admit my oscillations between extremes.

This named personal blog originally started in the

Hat making

, which I meanwhile see more than what it was intended to be :

A small but fine, secret project for the common good, committed to the values represented there, no worse or better than so many others. I would like to lead them in this direction, open them up, and nurture and present the very personal part of me here, where it should always have belonged.

She was my protective shield and most wonderful source of inspiration right up until the pandemic, but she was also slowed down a lot in these virus-laden times and her global pansexual freedom is still only partially realizable. But I can use the time to extract many of her ideas, which was also one of the original goals. I still see her today as an incubator for ideas, even if the retreat and commons idea are becoming more and more important to me.

Anyway, the current situation is that I am acting a little less nomadic from Graz. At best, I see Vienna and Berlin as close allies and necessary places. Graz is simply too limited in everything, even if I still see the city as a recommendable place to live. This leads to

Graz by the Sea

The best possible example for the multipurpose conception of all these ideas.

Hat making can of course still be leveled up at any time, and many of the other outlines and blueprints mentioned and presented elsewhere could be implemented seamlessly. They are ripe, the fruit farmer would say.

Graz by the sea is thriving and a logical next anchor point after the hat-making. An old, never-ending book idea that has been revived in recent years, almost like a memoir, the text is growing peacefully but not tied down. A little fiction here, a little autobiographical, historical, rapping about the present. Bitter. Wild.

I now assume that I will never be able to get the title out of my head and that the simplicity of writing will naturally lead to me finishing the book first. It's convenient.

But soon after securing the domain, I saw the meaning and beauty of not "just" writing a book, depending on my mood. Urgency and conception, and also a city magazine, that's what I want. That feeds my journalistic passion, and I notice how little there is of that kind. Lifestyle and food blogging cannot and should not be the only viewpoint that is tagged on the Internet from Graz.

And there is hardly any need for further arguments; beyond the Kleine Zeitung there is hardly any substance in editorial language, reflection, whether political or artistic, and yet the city has a young, thirsty and creatively intelligent charisma; I do not call it Little Berlin for nothing.

I position myself in Graz am Meer as green-red-liberal not only out of personal interest, but because such a medium simply does not exist, despite the high affinity of at least half of all Graz residents. Good market opportunities, including a printed version. And we are already in the midst of multipurpose.

I'm probably the kind of writer who I don't give enough space to, and I'm only partially happy with publicity. I'm shy. But I'm also resilient.

Graz by the sea quickly brings me to wonderful shores in my brainstorming. In the truest sense, even if one of the first ideas tells of Graz in 100 years, in a flooded, catastrophic world heated to 7 degrees.

I use our intellectual and geographical proximity to the Adriatic Sea; it's all easy, playful, which motivates me a lot because it's obviously more tangible than launching an international NGO, like Be the Difference and the Change Now Hub. Or not just landing a stroke of genius in gaming, but marketing it successfully.

But Graz by the sea is also a potential travel guide for visitors. We are still so conservative and fallow in terms of tourism, it is a shame with the dwindling half-heartedness that was able to survive the cultural year. There are also wonderful changes in perspective shown, long-time mayor Nagl as the enemy and somehow always more visionary than the competition. But people were already dreaming about subways thirty years ago, my friend who juggles elections.

And now we have other possible uses, there are one or two low-key pretty directories, but neither modern, flippant, appealing to the many students/young people or the non-native German-speaking citizens, apart from the five esteemed ladies from Futter, it's a dead zone here, somehow nobody thought of it.

So much alternate stuff happens here. I'm always amazed. But nobody tells, and nobody collects it.

The simple book, the city blog, bends like a bamboo in Ikea's Discover the Possibilities.

I also see great potential to implement this interactive, positive part of a blog/magazine as far as Koper or Trieste, as part of social projects that promote the job market. The EU could also play a financial role here.

This would probably require a little compromise in terms of political orientation, but in Graz even the brown ones are bearable. Almost 🙂

We've landed in the middle of the title, I can't mention 20 or 30 hatched eggs in one text, the point is more to point out the blueprint and diversity of the idea. Of course, you have to be prepared not to act too fixated. Hold on without holding on. Almost like in love.

My ideas are fleeting, free forms, recipes, constructs adaptable to space and time.

We are familiar with these processes in the modern entertainment industry. Films become books, characters in comics become plastic dolls. Merchandising. We already use this phenomenon, but we have mostly been brought up to have a rigid, always identical view of the resulting section of the world.

And this limited way of thinking and feeling, together with an excessive desire for possessions, makes it difficult for us to fully embrace the adaptability and creativity inherent in human beings.

There are many attempts to escape in the new, less fixed reality, and I will document some of them. But the basic principle of multipurpose should be clear by now.

Basically, Graz am Meer could simply be a restaurant with Austrian, especially Styrian, home-style cooking and the never-to-be-forgotten Wagner pretzels in Thailand. Freshly flown in every day, and if so, then vegan ice cream pearls and Swing Kitchen burgers too.

Another point of view

I will apply these principles network-wide, sometimes using different versions of a website for different target groups, the Magic of Cookies, even without THC.

My own bases are of course in the field of art and coaching, I am a bit of an instructive, mentor-like person, not to say patronizing 🙂 And I am a visual effects author, a reporter of existence who is stuck just before becoming a filmmaker. Everything that comes to mind goes into these channels, and starts on the Internet because I exist symbiotically in it.

But I'm not a classic networker, at least for myself, because it's too elitist. For others it's easier. I've always seen the Internet as more of an information hub than a communication platform, although both are in an almost ecstatically powerful dynamic. That's exactly what I describe in my science fiction - yes, I do that too - when I make the Akasha Cloud tangible as Jung's collective unconscious made technically real.

By genetic nature, I am more entrepreneurial than my introverted personality would suggest.

But I wouldn't have the energy to implement everything that comes to mind, despite all my enthusiasm, despite all my knowledge of how good some of my wows and frames are, I have to make the compromise of realization over this ambiguity function of the network.

I admire the hard-working and concentrated type of sculptor; I am a Dionysian architect.

But an ambitious one, I'll write about Ambitious tomorrow.

Be that as it may, from this urge and this multi-year work, also due to the pandemic and its aftermath and this goiter of war, in addition to the hat making and Graz am Meer, several other wonderful possibilities and multipurpose web projects have developed, from the very erotic Wonderland Obsessions to the flirtatious, fleeting but promising dating post. Or the money rules the world, which contributes something to the fact of capitalist reality and hedonism.

Then and this gladly, setting a monument to my inner critic with

Test Drive Unlimited

Other flowery hat-making ideas like Out of the Agency are fun and at the same time decadent start-up phrases for when things get serious with whomever. Then there is Tellerrand as a DACH variant.

I could and would only overwhelm you with further examples. The network is growing, scaling. The roots can also be traced back to Milkyway Today as the weird end of the 1000AlienBunnyGod and other aliens metaphor, my main character in the hat-making business, then there are very literary offshoots, some of which I deliberately rework with a different pen name.

I really like what's happening there, even though I find myself more than sometimes on the verge of being overwhelmed and wishing I could just wander around beaches and lakes and write like a slightly confused author.

This would be okay, I'm trying to save some of the hope and activism, not to be crushed by the stubbornness of the common man's wall. It is fragile and ugly, but it is even partially decorated with golden barbed wire as a main joke of the third millennium.

And we always return to drama, to politics and autonomy, to the need to create positive effects.

For an investor, a donor, a client or an employer, this scattered explanation is only partially convincing. I can think of many more things and this is not a pitch. More like a pitch about pitches.

My blog network is there to give all kinds of ideas and content that come to me or that I feel are worth sharing a chance to come to fruition. From a date or flirt that ends up in a dating post to an article about transpersonal psychology in modern magic or in a psychedelic garden blog.

Travel always ends up being a mindful traveler at some point. I have covered many areas of life, but I will never become a craftsman or DIY type. Sport is only of marginal interest.

All the conclusions I have drawn in recent years have to do with prioritization. And everything I do is ultimately designed to have a positive impact on the world. Small and big.

To break it down into details, I don't date corona deniers. Congruence whenever possible.


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